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Commercial & Residential Inspections:
If you have a commercial structure or home under contract, news of a possible structural problem is the LAST THING YOU WANT TO HEAR! Grubb Engineering Services, Inc. will get to you quickly and provide you with the information you need to make an educated purchase decision or provide you with a repair solution that makes it all go away! Want to sleep better? We’re not in the mattress business but we can offer peace of mind about the integrity of your structure. Nothing compares to a trained set of eyes to survey your property. Click here to schedule an inspection.

With experience in steel, concrete, masonry and timber design, Grubb Engineering Services, Inc. can provide you with comprehensive structural design services. Our close relationships (business relationships, that is) with several local architects and mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineers give us the ability to develop complete design documents for your commercial construction project or your residential addition or remodel. Heck, we can even team you up with a contractor or two!

Need to bounce a few design ideas off us? We’d be glad to meet with you and give you some advice. Nothing tickles an engineer better than to tell someone else what they should do!

Expert witness services:
Grubb Engineering Services, Inc. can provide clear, concise deposition support with regard to the commercial and residential structural codes, ethics and standards of practice. We hold active, clean licenses in 13 states including the greater southeast. Attorney references are available upon request.

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